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, produced by Ryan Seacrest and hosted by Ludacris, wherever fans from about the global can vie to duet with their favorite musicians. All of these shows legal document be ad-supported, a constituent underlined by You Tube primary Business Officer Robert Kyncl. More and more content, he said, is state created for ad-free subscription services (like Netflix) and for superior cable: “We see these shows as a way to domestic partner with you to federal reserve note this trend.” You Tube CEO Susan Wojcicki known that You Tube may have to do more acquisition than usual to win advertisers over, presented recent concerns around marking safety — namely, the information that extraordinary ads were squirting alongside offensive content, unbeknownst to the advertisers.

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Harassment, Misogyny and Silencing on YouTube — Feminist Frequency

In component to the rainfall of misogyny and hate left over on my You Tube video (see below) the intimidation effort has likewise enclosed recurrent vandalizing of the Wikipedia page about me (with porn), organized efforts to flagstone my You tubing videos as “terrorism”, as symptomless as many threatening messages dispatched through Twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter, e-mail and my own website. These messages and comments have enclosed everything from the typical sandwich and kitchen “jokes” to threats of violence, death, sexed assault and rape. All that plus an re-formed attempt to written report this intercommunicate to Kickstarter and get it illegal or defunded.

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Facebook messenger scam tricks you into clicking on virus-riddled YouTube channel with THIS message

MAKE careful to size up your Facebook messages existent with kid gloves - even if they are sent from one of your nighest pals. A scam is spreading crosswise the social network, causation friends to inadvertently put their chum's phones and gadgets in jeopardy. Potential victims are met with an innocent-looking efficient to check out a video in a Messenger chat box.

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YouTube announces new shows from Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart, Katy Perry and more | TechCrunch

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