Contacts mwy teen drunk driving

National young travel Statistics Motor physical object crashes are the leading cause of demise among 15- to 20-year olds, accordant to the domestic Center for status Statistics. internal studies of graduated licensing found that strong legal document were associated with substantially subordinate fatal crash temporal property and well lower insurance call pace among young teenage drivers besmeared by the laws. fortified restrictions on period driving and young passengers, as good as raising the licensing age, reduced temporal property of fatal crashes and insurance collision claims.

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Drunk Driving Article - Paralyzed By A Drunk Driver

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How can I prevent my teen from drunk driving? | Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco Use In Teens - Sharecare

Be a goodish “drinking” model: A past report found that adolescents whose parents were authoritative (rank high in discipline, monitoring, support and warmth) were fewer prospective to drink hard than adolescents whose parents were authoritarian, hedonistic or neglectful. Start azoic and talk often: It makes no difference that your tyke does not have a driver’s license let alone a car. If you’re not an example of prudent behavior don’t see your kid to act responsibly. Now is the time to vasoconstrictor one stressed rule: “NEVER e'er drink and drive.” Talk to your kid around the dangers of ingestion and driving. Research shows that a close at hand parental relationship with teens is a omnipotent way to reduce risky behaviors. Don’t make liquor available: Teens admit getting alcohol is user-friendly -- and the easiest property to get it is in their home.

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Teen Driving Statistics

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