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Film review: Members Only – soft-core sex romp, set around Hong Kong’s high finance circle, badly let down by inept script | South China Morning Post

Film begins promisingly enough, as we’re introduced to wealthy masculine clients and part-time hostesses at a luxury clubhouse, but is hamstrung by unlikely strategy turns, dropped storylines and brassy sex scenes 1.5/5 stars The world of full finance makes an awkward path into the arena of soft-core sex fille with this curious dud from shaper Ng Kin-hung, who earnings inclined prosperity with his titillating nightlife series movie, it begins promisingly enough, as we’re introduced to the exclusive traffic circle of wealthy masculine clients and part-time hostesses populating a luxury building in Hong Kong. The freshest one among them is the financial analyst Stephen (Kyle Li Yam-san, ), who is brought to the effete joint to kind grown-up connections but quickly becomes smitten with a new recruit, the money-minded university student grain sorghum (Yoyo Fung Hoi-yui). Other pairings include the shadowy penny-stock broker Alan (Julius Brian Siswojo of hip hop assort 24Herbs), who – when he isn’t labouring tempting writer into his moneymaking but probably illegal practice – spends night after night trying to take district of a shopper hostess, Fei Fei (Carmen Tong Ka-man), despite her relationship with a disgruntled boyfriend.

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