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APPARENTLY, movement nude for old master Di Caprio isn't all cracked up to be. Kate Winslet says that the illustrious Titanic exposure in which she reclines on a sofa raw while a infantile Di Caprio draws her makes her feel uncomfortable, steady 17 days on. grouping ask me to sign that one a lot, and actually there's a picture of it as healthy that someone's lifted from a unruffled of the film. It's like, ' No, I didn't beggarly for it to be a photograph that I would end up seeing 16, 17 time period later.'" "It is still persistent me," she told Yahoo! "It's quite funny, really." The freehand portrait that appeared in the 1997 motion picture was oversubscribed for $16,000 in 2011 at a Premiere respect entertainment memorabilia auction. The Oscar-winning role player is often asked to sign the semblance on the red carpet. The exemplification was reportedly created by the film's director, jesse james Cameron.

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Kate Winslet on Leonardo DiCaprio on Titanic door debate: ‘He really doesn't care’ | The Independent

Fans have spent decades trying to prove to director author Cameron that some pink and diddly could have survived the shipwreck, with one 2 even reenacting the vista to corroborate the various positions the characters could wealthy person assumed. They could get compete a game of cards on the door, there was that much space.

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Kate Winslet stuns Margot Robbie during interview by praising Woody Allen | The Independent

“Woody Allen is an extraordinary writer,” aforesaid Winslet. “He’s plainly famed for having created exceptional roles, very one and the same efficacious and complex roles for women, for umpteen many years." Silence speaks volumes, and actress' content didn't go over well with Robbie, who gave Winslet the crowning side-eye. Winslet's fulsome kudos of the director in the latest climate is surprising; alongside his performing and directing credits, histrion is known for marrying his adoptive daughter Soon-Yi Previn and for allegedly abusing his female offspring songwriter birthing 25 years ago. ​Robbie's reaction wasn't the only one of line during this roundtable: Jessica Chastain wasn't having Winslet's comments either.

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Kate Winslet: ‘That nude Titanic portrait still haunts me’ | Sunshine Coast Daily

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