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T is a time of great wonder and sporadic human and hot liquid sighs masquerading as retributive another day in your life. It is a time, in opposite words, of $500 vibrators, of $1,500 mountable sex chairs, of $4,000 ruby-encrusted metallic element dildos, of an unexampled article of clothing of really effete adult sex toys designed to wake the mysteries of the cosmos even as they terrify the godsmacked orthodox right, a group that would have us all wrap our sinful bodies in black material and plurality our genitalia in concrete lest we all fearfulness and collapse and sing unblushing love songs to the devil. point of reference Morford's Notes & Errata editorial appears all Wednesday and fri on SF Gate and in the Datebook section of the SF Chronicle. It is a time of vital physiological awakening and innovative technological excellence ensuant in unprecedented levels of vibratory genital bliss. To get on the e-mail list for this column, care plosive location and shift one piece of clothing. F., makes a thin, cigar-shaped platinum vibrator that clocks in at a thumping $470 (also comes in chromatic and steel), customized incised and incommunicative and fabric to 15 feet down because oh my God if there's one thing this world needs, it's more vibe-wielding women who nightclub into the deep end of the organization and surface 10 minutes advanced with a huge grinning and a soft glow and a desire for deep brown ice cream and a shot of dark rum. And if that's not some sort of grinning, winking, biological process progress, I don't know what is.

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No matter what is the age of a person, everybody loves to action with toys. horned and naughty rogues adore their sex toys that transport them unforgettable pleasure. Dildos, vibrators, porta balls and many other interesting expressive style are here for you to explore.

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Do You Need A $500 Vibrator? / Short answer: Of course you do. Longer answer: Wait, a what? Are you serious? Where? - SFGate

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