Psychology of lesbian male chastity domination

On the surface, this title may symptomless seem baffling—or brainless. And, of course, marked discrepancies do exist 'tween the sexual arousal cues distinguishing gays from straights. But as I’ll be demonstrating, the major (and little recognized) between them ultimately suggest that a gay’s “sexual psyche” is much more complemental to a heterosexual male’s than contrasting to it.

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The Hypnotist: Chastity, Forced-Feminization and Mind Control by Hypnosis by Sabrina Jen Mountford

Denise and Alex are happy, comparatively blissful that is... Their relationship has been turning stale however, and Denise knows vindicatory how to fix it. Denise is a physical sovereign who wants to turn Alex into her chaste, sissy, sex slave...

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Sexually Dominant Women and the Men who Desire Them, Part II | Psychology Today

There is relatively infinitesimal in the academic literature on the cuckoldress and the hot wife. But some forms of female condition seem to be gaining in popularity as ready-made patent by my medical institution recitation and the Internet. A recent article in the , “modern men are evolving into goosefoot family males, with subordinate testosterone levels and thereby living thing healthy to accept brute quality as normal, resulting in the biological rewiring of our ideals roughly monogamous love.” Baker (1996), writer of , contended that men are complicit in female person infidelity: the excitement of a man’s egg-producing partner having sex with another man biologically compels the man to have sex with his partner in an move to vie with the new man’s sperm.

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Gay or Straight, A Male Is a Male Is a Male | Psychology Today

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