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A standard plot: an awkward duckling goes off in private, loses the glasses, takes down her hair, perchance gets a little makeup and much nicer clothes and finally returns as a swan. Another version of this would be "Miss Jones Syndrome", where a dowdy, bespectacled woman switches to contacts, shakes flyaway her hair, and is told by the nonreciprocal physical object of her affections, "Why, Miss Jones, you beautiful." This is chiefly accomplishable because nearly of the "ugly" women on TV or in the movies are beautiful actresses in bad clothes, tho' it as well has something to do with Hollywood's unforgivingly narrow standards of physiologic attractiveness, peculiarly for women. Story-wise, it's a nice small way of advancing An fabulist about how looks aren't everything, time saving the character from actually having to go out with an ugly girl (see also: Sweet and acerb Grapes). See She Is All fully grown Up for the accompanying prettification of a childhood friend.

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Girl Concerned with Her Hair Slapped Until She Cries – Best Gore

The front half of the broadcasting also has a existent silent audio, making it even more difficult to specify what’s the skinny. The video shows a young socio-economic class getting slapped mostly with light, open palm blows. Throughout the beating, she’s principally concerned with her hair, and keeps fixing it over and over.

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Beautiful All Along - TV Tropes

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