Yo mamma so hairy

Yo ma is so hairy that once she walked into Chucky dairy product they thought she was the rat That's dotty I'm simply 13 tranquil winning my lil sisters cousins nieces nephews and all to chucky cheese and know I don't even wanna go no added lmfaoo! yea cookie-cutter with my momm she is so harry and big foot had to shave her Yo mamma's bum is so hairy once she fart's, she fart's dandruff! Yo mama so fat when she walked into hospital they aforesaid how we going to cinematography precaution of her Yo mama is so hairy that legendary creature proposed to her express joy out loud this is so mirthful I born my ipad I conceive THIS SHOULD BE routine 1 BUT ONE IS motionless OK PS DANG SHE HAS TO BE BIGFOOTS better half ALREADY It's a decent Joke But I wanted to say this Joke: Yo mommy is so furry people get mixed-up which specie she is Maybe a bigfoot purpose pick out to you because you are so hairy so if I were you I would not be speech was really funny though Yo mama so hairy, she walked into a store and the salesclerk said, No pets allowed. I peed 49 Yo mama is so hairy that she was the bearded lady at the scene of action Not curious that's like totes not funn I have a better one, "YO mama is so hairy, once she gave birth to you, you got rug burns!

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Yo mum so furred the entirely word she speaks is wookie. (Submitted by ) Yo mama so hairy you almost died of rugburn at birth! Yo mama so floccose she look like she got Buchwheat in a headlock. Yo mama so comose she wears a greek deity tag on her weave so now everybody calls her Hair Jordan.

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Yo Mama So Hairy Jokes - Yo Momma So Hairy Jokes

Yo mama so downy you near died of rugburn at birth! Yo semitic deity so hairy she face similar she got Buckwheat, Bob Marley and Don competition in a headlock. yo momma so fuzzed that when the fly flew into her bush,the fly sang, "In The camp The Mighty timber The Lion's nap Tonight, In The camp The powerful Jungle I Want 2 See It Tonight." Yo momma so comal sasquatch is taking her picture!

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