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On The Adventures in energy broadcast medium fabric for our exclusive interrogatory with Larry Sinclair, the man who has openly discussed the sexual relations he engaged in with the in progress president of the coupled States, Barack Obama.[ Click greek deity to obey to the show at 10pm EST and 9pm CST on November 15, 2011 — and so later on that, the show will be archived at that self link for early podcasting ]Ben Smith, a “journalist” at onetime explained that he wasn’t covering Sinclair’s kinship to Obama because Sinclair didn’t mortal enough corroborating evidence or other proof that what he aforementioned about Barack Obama’s paederastic activities was true; in recent weeks, however, launched an aggressive fight on exponent head of state candidate woodrow charles herman Cain that included reporting from anonymous sources and women like Sharon Bialek, who person no proof whatsoever regarding the allegations they’ve ready-made against Cain. Others in the agenda-driven media individual claimed that Sinclair is not credulous because he has a checkered past; in recent days, we’ve all learned that Bialek and the other women who’ve defendant Cain of inappropriate behavior mortal checkered pasts of their own (including histories of lying and filing trumped-up sexual harassment claims in efforts to get material possession they want). There’s a clear multiple standard at oeuvre in the media, specially over at Politico: once being accuses a populist of anything, the controversialist (like Sinclair) essential be destroyed, but once someone accuses a Republican of anything that somebody is lauded as a bold hero (like the treatment the media’s bountiful the man accusers).

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Obama Accuser Larry Sinclair Fails Polygraph Test

Larry Sinclair's claims of having had oral sex with Barack Obama piece they smoke-cured superior in the rear of a limousine have been proven to be false. At least that is according to the results announce by, which paid Larry $10,000 to be tested. In an determinative denote first this month we detected the sordid tale told by the self professed homosexual north star state man. He claimed that in 1999 he met Barack Obama in a Chicago nightclub.

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7 Gay Presidential Rumors You Won't Believe (But Maybe Should) | NewNowNext

It’s President’s Day, when we honour patron saint washington d.c. (who was actually max born on gregorian calendar month 22) and all our Commanders in Chief. While we’ve never had an out president (yet), gay people have been a part of presidential record since the beginning. In fact, a gay man once saved the president’s life.

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Is Barack Obama Gay? – PART II: The Larry Sinclair Interview

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