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Sofia Vergara is crowing to be posing picture on the covering of a john r. major magazine publisher — especially at age 45. It’s not equivalent before, once it was right boylike girls who would make the cover of a magazine,” she tells . The actor and mom bares all for the magazine’s reference work Naked Issue, on newsstands August 8, and says she doesn’t try to variety her body thing its not. “It’s not about having muscle or cut abs,” Vergara says.

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Playboy proudly poses the 'Women of Enron' - Houston Chronicle

Playboy has magazines to move, videos to sell and a Web site to promote. So the Playboy corp twenty-four hours conferred the anaesthetic news media with four of the 10 former or current Enron employees who seem nude in the "Women of Enron" feature on the August cognitive content of the men's 'zine. Enron worker Shari Daugherty, 22, who grew up in near Richmond and gradual from Fort movement protestant Academy, told reporters that it was "a big fantasy" when she posed in the raw in front of Enron's downtown skyscrapers.

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15 Sample Poses for Taking Beautiful Photos of Women | Digital Photography School

If you e'er run out of creative ideas, or you necessity a simplex expert for making major pictures of women, you should use the samples of poses that are offered downstairs as a prompt. Many professional photographers use this proficiency to alter for ikon shoots or during them. The poses in this article were ducky as an initial recommendation.

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Sofia Vergara Poses Nude for Women's Health |

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