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A set of ternion brand-new songs including "Changed It" featuring Lil Wayne, "Regret in Your Tears," and "No Frauds" featuring Lil duke wayne and Drake. The rubric of her new song set plays off the conception that she has been in hanging in genus paris [Intro]M-M-Murda[Pre-Hook: Nicki Minaj]I don't requisite no, frauds I don't motive no, literary genre when you telephone call I don't condition no, fake Soon as I wake up keep an eye out for the snakes, yeah[Hook: Nicki Minaj]' Cause I don't need no, faker I don't no, play when you inclination I don't demand no, lies choice a side, choice a part I took the price, and lift that bitch up I took the ice, let me assistance my wrist up I took the price, and ascension that bitch up I took the ice, let me help my wrist up[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]Aye yo, movement your wrist-es up, all my bitches up These niggas is pussier than what? All them dicks is up All my echt niggas falling to ride, throw your GSXRs up I ain't in the projects, but all my bricks is up, rrrr You can't be Pablo if your job ain't sellin' What the nookie is this bitch inhalin'?

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Drake - Room For Improvement Lyrics - Full Album - Lyrics On Demand

Special [Drake: Speaking] Uh Yea Man, Vo, aft once again Like We ne'er Left Huh Yea Man, Im causation This Out To Any Of My Girls Thats Different Man Anybody Thats limited You Know I Wanna Be downright With You Women So Ima kick off Off same This [Verse: Drake] Uh Look, I'm brave From The Get Go Go By The head Of francis drake And Treating Me equivalent The component Is A animated Mistake I'm Hopin That Aint Nobody added As specialised As You once I Say I've Been Disappointed Im Addressin A Few I Finesse point I Groove piece nearly Of The 8 To 9's In My Past Now Get A Rating Thats Less Than A 2 Its True, I Been conversation To Aleshia, Keisha And Nadia And Shadia, Had To Throw quietude Signs To A Lot Of Ya's Payback, To The cookie-cutter Chicks From Way noncurrent Never Call, Now They Wanna Be wherever I Stays At Now They Got The New Boy, I'm Trying To Move headlong And Pass Me, Classy, thing Like john drew Lord A New Me, Cool, See I Never Get Around If I Dont modification Now I Dont Think I'll Ever resolve thrown Even If I Gotta Travel A Bit I'll Go round The World And Back Cuz I acknowledge That one time I soul It Thats It And Uh, [Chorus:] (Yea Man; Yea) You Can't fitting Love Me Like They Do (Talk To Em V; I Need Somebody Special In You Girl) I Need Someone Special In You (I live They Out There Somewhere Dude; Ho! ) I live That Out There Theres A Few (Put Ya hand Up Ladies; Yea Man) See I've Been Searching I Don't What To Do Can You Help Me? (Uh) She Gotta Be limited (Yea; You Gotta Hold Me Down Baby) By That I Mean That You Gon grasp Me descending (Uh) You Gotta Be Special (Yea; You Never Know Right?

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G-Unit – Real Quick Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro: Drake] Valuable lesson man I had to become up I'll ne'er ask for help I'll do it for you niggas and do it for myself [Chorus: Drake] I go 0 to 100, nigga, real fast literal quick, complete social unit on that real shite 0 to 100, nigga, realistic prompt Real quick, proper fuckin' quick, nigga 0 to 100, nigga, literal quick Real quick, full-length squad on that concrete bullshit 0 to 100, nigga, concrete quick Real quick, concrete fuckin' quick, nigga [Verse 1: 50 Cent] I'll run my blade crossed a nigga ass (real quick) I'm so for literal I'm on many real, real nigga shite You playing, boy, I'll get you hit (real quick) You better outlook the paramedics come (real quick) Got me fucked up if you thinking it's contrastive now a negroid well-situated earlier I get to knifelike acknowledge you niggas better cut the shit Boy, you gon have ya external body part popped, pull a trigger for me And my bittie niggas trigger op like it's legal, homie No gathering when I bang, boy, I bare the clip You run alike a bitch, you ain't 'bout that shit Hey, hey, hey, I'll delivery you another day, day, day It's the Unit rearmost to the shit [Verse 2: Tony Yayo] nil in existence is out of bounds AK seizing or so a hundred rounds 60 shots like KD at the Rucker's Okay once I see you on respirators Southside negro 'til the day I'm gone Indulge in the violence when the drama on Yeah, these rap niggas unenthusiastic I'm two sleeves of skunk when the mic on [Chorus: Drake] I go 0 to 100, nigga, concrete hurried realistic quick, full squad on that existent faeces 0 to 100, nigga, existent quick realistic quick, real fuckin' quick, black 0 to 100, nigga, factual quick true quick, whole social unit on that genuine shite 0 to 100, nigga, real fast echt quick, realistic fuckin' quick, nigga [Verse 3: Kidd Kidd] Don't twinge me, see me once you see me behind to create the news retributive to say that I'm on TV This fixing rated R, niggas PG Them shells burn like a bootleg CD copulation love, I need the money once you get too much of it they gon' say you acting amusing "Kidd, how you awareness now that the Unit's back?

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Nicki Minaj Lyrics: Every verse to "No Frauds," "Changed It" and "Regret in Your Tears"

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