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It is achievable to get HIV from suck faucet but the likelihood of this occurring is low. No one knows exactly how risky ingestion cock is, partly because to the highest degree men who suck cock will as well fucking or get fucked as well and it is impossible to know which physiological property act is responsible for for the infection of HIV. same few men whose only reportable jeopardy is from oral sex soul caught HIV, which leads us to believe that the probability is comparatively low but also indicates that there is whatsoever risk.

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When performing oral sex or getting a blow job, you do run the risk if HIV infection.

Since there is a transference of body fluids during oral sex the activity malevolent program can be inherited during this act. Blood, semen, male pre-seminal fluent (cum) and distaff vaginal changeful could contain the virus and the cells in the mucus membranes in your mouth could assign the virus to enter your dead body and in this way infect you. The probability of catching HIV is augmented should the body covering in your mouth, as well as the mucus membranes, human any lesions, cuts, abrasions, ulcers or cold sores, as the Aids microorganism can far easier go in the cells.

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HIV | Soa Aids Nederland

HIV is a infective agent that breaks down pat the human immune system. HIV can be effectively treated, and the earlier you receive tending afterwards contracting it, the better. Without treatment with medication, a person eventually gets AIDS, which can be fatal.

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GMFA | How risky is oral sex?

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