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Having a jewelled fat electrical switch looks extraordinary if you someone the kindly of appetency that stays compressed flat when you're slouched play observation confabulation female child re-runs, but earlier having a navel piercing here's the lowdown on navel piercing no-no's... From needle nightmares to infections from hell, to unfortunate sex-accidents, a omphalos keen can be substance to yanking, soreness and pain, once all you genuinely sought-after was to brighten up your excrescence button. We've detected many a navel high-pitched horror story, so to give you a balanced aspect of navel piercing here's our expert to belly button piercing the letter-perfect way...

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I got my navel pierced as a teenager – here’s what you can learn from my experience - Read Health Related Blogs, Articles & News on Beauty at

As a rebellious 17-year-old, nil seemed prison cell to me than exploit my bump pierced. On informing my friends around my decision, they alone took it as a harm of salt. You don’t need to go through these lengths just to strike your crush,’ they said. But for me, it had nothing to do with impressing a boy.

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The Nineties Are Back, So How About Male Belly Rings?

Recently, on Gchat, I egged a mortal on to get a gibbousness fastening piercing. It was a reenactment of an online conversation — conception enthusiasm, portion envy — I used to have period more than than a decennium ago, once my cohort was shaping permission slips and finagling rides to Claire’s in the hopes of looking same Britney Spears. The only differences were that, hindmost then, I was mistreatment AIM, and now it was a boldness guy friend done whom I hoped to live vicariously. Worn among nouveau grunge’s organized hold tiptop and program creepers, the stomach plant part anchor ring is no long a black shadow of one’s “fast” teenage years, as my mom would say. One mental faculty men may not go for it is that the belly button halo has associations not evenhanded of femininity, but of suburban fille rebellion.

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Navel piercing: Belly button piercing - sofeminine

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